The Dirty Truth About Alcohol And Your Body

If aesthetic appeal is a big factor driving your workouts, the gym means more than just going in and seeing how much weight you can toss around. For you, it’s all about shaping and defining your body to meet the exact look you want to create.

And, if you’re well aware of how training and diet impact the body, you can definitely make some serious improvements in your aesthetics and get the body of your dreams.

While the foods you eat and the exercises you perform in the gym are definitely going to come in as top importance on the results level, you must make sure you aren’t overlooking alcohol.

What you drink on a day to day basis can have just as large of an influence on your success, so it’s critical that you get this in proper alignment.

So let’s review the dirty truth about alcohol that you should know and why it will hinder your results.


The Calorie Landmine

First, let’s talk calories. If you are on a mission to get lean, alcohol is not going to be working in your favor. Not only is alcohol very calorie dense at 7 calories per gram (with only fat coming in higher at 9 calories per gram), but in addition to that, if you add any sort of mixer – sugar, cream, or otherwise, you’re just worsening the situation.

In fact, it’s not abnormal to see some mixed drinks coming in at over 300-400 calories per serving, so if you down three to four of these over the course of a night, it’s putting a serious dent in your fat loss progress.

The Fat Burning Shut-Down

The next issue with alcohol is the fact that since it is a toxin for the body, all processes will shut down the minute it enters your blood stream. The body is now on high alert that something very dangerous is surging through its system and as such, puts all efforts into getting rid of it.

Fat burning will stop entirely until all the alcohol you’ve just consumed is oxidized off.

So basically, if you are drinking alcohol, think of it like you are putting the brakes on fat loss for the time being.

If you are taking brakes from fat loss each evening, how much progress are you really going to be making?

The Repair Road Block

Finally, the last big issue is the fact that alcohol will dramatically hinder your ability to repair the muscle tissues. When you go out for a night of drinking, your body isn’t’ going to be focusing on rebuilding the broken down muscle tissues from the last workout and growing them stronger.

If your muscular recovery is sacrificed, this means more down time from the gym where you can’t be exercising and that will mean slower results as well.

So as you can see, alcohol does your body no good. While you might enjoy that night out, if you really want to boost your aesthetic appeal, you might want to find another way to enjoy yourself than with alcohol.

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