January 01, 2018


Jeremy Buendia Undergoes Surgery For Torn Pec. Will He Be Ready For The 2018 Season?

Jeremy Buendia has suffered a nasty pec tear.

Lately it seems the the standout athletes in bodybuilding have been suffering some pretty serious injuries. There’s nothing worse than a nagging injury getting in the way of progress, but what has happened to Men’s Physique Olympia champion Jeremy Buendia isn’t simply a tweaked shoulder. His injury could actually effect his career.

After injury his pec during training, Jeremy Buendia was sure to check if the damage was serious. It seems that the injury was serious enough to garner pec surgery and so Jeremy Buendia found himself under the knife this holiday season.

It’s great to see that the surgery was a success, but one has to wonder if this will effect his progression greatly. As the reigning Men’s Physique Olympia king, Buendia is going to want to defend his title next year and this pec tear does him no favors.

Do you think this pec tear will effect Jeremy Buendia in 2018?

October 04, 2016


The Dirty Truth About Alcohol And Your Body

If aesthetic appeal is a big factor driving your workouts, the gym means more than just going in and seeing how much weight you can toss around. For you, it’s all about shaping and defining your body to meet the exact look you want to create.

And, if you’re well aware of how training and diet impact the body, you can definitely make some serious improvements in your aesthetics and get the body of your dreams.

While the foods you eat and the exercises you perform in the gym are definitely going to come in as top importance on the results level, you must make sure you aren’t overlooking alcohol.

What you drink on a day to day basis can have just as large of an influence on your success, so it’s critical that you get this in proper alignment.

So let’s review the dirty truth about alcohol that you should know and why it will hinder your results.


The Calorie Landmine

First, let’s talk calories. If you are on a mission to get lean, alcohol is not going to be working in your favor. Not only is alcohol very calorie dense at 7 calories per gram (with only fat coming in higher at 9 calories per gram), but in addition to that, if you add any sort of mixer – sugar, cream, or otherwise, you’re just worsening the situation.

In fact, it’s not abnormal to see some mixed drinks coming in at over 300-400 calories per serving, so if you down three to four of these over the course of a night, it’s putting a serious dent in your fat loss progress.

The Fat Burning Shut-Down

The next issue with alcohol is the fact that since it is a toxin for the body, all processes will shut down the minute it enters your blood stream. The body is now on high alert that something very dangerous is surging through its system and as such, puts all efforts into getting rid of it.

Fat burning will stop entirely until all the alcohol you’ve just consumed is oxidized off.

So basically, if you are drinking alcohol, think of it like you are putting the brakes on fat loss for the time being.

If you are taking brakes from fat loss each evening, how much progress are you really going to be making?

The Repair Road Block

Finally, the last big issue is the fact that alcohol will dramatically hinder your ability to repair the muscle tissues. When you go out for a night of drinking, your body isn’t’ going to be focusing on rebuilding the broken down muscle tissues from the last workout and growing them stronger.

If your muscular recovery is sacrificed, this means more down time from the gym where you can’t be exercising and that will mean slower results as well.

So as you can see, alcohol does your body no good. While you might enjoy that night out, if you really want to boost your aesthetic appeal, you might want to find another way to enjoy yourself than with alcohol.

February 10, 2016


4 Ab Exercises Guaranteed To Shred Your Mid-Section

Craving that carved core? Want to get the ripped ab look that you see on the cover of fitness magazines?

When it comes to aesthetics, nothing quite tops the look of those lean, sexy abs that everyone in the gym seems to be working so hard for. If this is a goal for you, you definitely do have your work cut out for you because it isn’t an easy one to obtain.

It is going to take a high dose of hard work, a very strict diet plan, and some lifestyle adjustments to make sure that you maintain fat burning all day long.

The workout you’re doing matters significantly as well. Choose the wrong exercises and you’ll just be wasting your time in the gym, rather than making the progress you want to see.

So what can you do to boost your ab definition? Let’s look at four great ab exercises to consider as you go about your plan.



Plank With Hands On An Exercise Ball

The plank move is an excellent isometric contraction exercise that is going to not only strengthen the main ab muscles, but also strengthen all the muscles running up and down the spinal column as well as the muscles throughout the shoulder region.

To up the intensity of the standard plank, put the hands directly on top of an exercise ball. Then watch how quickly your muscles are reacting.



Prone Ball Roll In

Next, you should also consider a prone ball roll-in. This movement has you in an entirely different position than the classic crunch so will add great variety into your workout routine.

You’ll also hit the shoulders quite readily in this exercise while working on your balance and agility as well.

If you want to hit the obliques to a larger degree, simply bring the ball into the side of the body instead of directly into the chest and you’ll get those muscles sitting up and being stimulated.


Renegade Rows

Renegade rows are the next best core move to include in your workout routine and as an added benefit, you’ll also build your back with this one.

Because of the fact you’re moving while in the plank position, this will decrease your base of support, upping the ante on this movement pattern.

When doing this one, just make sure that you are keeping the abs contracted at all times. As it is quite challenging, some people will make the mistake of letting their lower back move down or upwards, putting them at serious risk of low back pain.

Keep the body tight the entire time.


Hanging Leg Raises 

Finally, don’t neglect hanging leg raises. This one is perfect for those who want to firm up their lower abs and also really bring out that ab separation. As you perform it, try to avoid letting momentum carry you through the exercise, squeezing just the core muscles alone to complete the movement pattern.

These can be done with straight legs, or if you need a simpler version to start, with bent knees.

Try these four exercises next time you’re in the gym and prepare to be challenged.

January 07, 2016


3 Diet Tricks To A Head Turning Physique

Looking to improve your aesthetics and build a physique that turns heads wherever you go? If so, it’s going to be a must that you get your diet down. When it comes to getting and maintaining a lean body, diet can easily account for up to 80% of the results you see, so it isn’t something you can afford to take lightly. 

If you are making just a few key dietary errors, it’s going to come back to really impair the progress that you see. 

So this said, what diet tips can you use to ensure you see optimal results? Let’s walk you through three of the top choices that you must know and remember. 

Carb Cycling 

The very first trick that you should definitely employ is a bit of carbohydrate cycling. This is going to do two things. First, it’s going to allow you to consume more carbohydrates on the days that you’re doing your workouts so that you can achieve optimal performance, thus seeing better results. 

And second, it’s going to stagger your calorie intake slightly, helping to reduce the chance of a metabolic plateau that so often comes with fat loss diets. 

If you eat a chronically low calorie, low carb diet, you are going to see your leptin concentrations shutting down rapidly. This in turn brings fat loss to a screeching halt, making you more frustrated than ever. 

By having a few higher carbohydrate days added to the mix, you can offset this effect, thus regaining faster progress again. The higher carb intake will signal to your body that it’s okay to keep burning up calories, keeping fat burning moving along. 

Going Grain-Free 

Next, you might also want to consider going grain-free. For many people, making this switch is the key to getting a leaner body. The Paleo style of eating has become very popular for just this reason. Not only does it prove to have health benefits such as reduced inflammation and more stabilized blood sugar levels, but most people drop a few pounds of fat in the process as well. 

Focus on getting your carbohydrate intake instead from sweet potatoes, beans and legumes, along with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Bumping Up Your Protein Intake 

Finally, if you’re not yet on the higher protein intake bandwagon, now’s the time to hop on. Not only does eating more protein help to reduce the amount of hunger you experience on a day to day basis since you’ll maintain stable blood glucose levels, but protein burns calories. 

It has a higher ‘thermic effect of food’ meaning that just by eating it, you’ll burn up to 25% of the calories the food contains. Compare this to the 2 and 4% that fats and carbs burn and it quickly adds up. 

Remember, sometimes very small adjustments in your diet intake can have massive results, so don’t take these changes lightly. Get them in order so that you can get on track to seeing results. 



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